Highland Lakes Sun Swept Isles neighborhood of Miami, FL

Real Estate Prices and Overview

Good country Lakes/Sun Swept Isles middle realty cost is $761,971, which is more costly than 95.6% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 92.3% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

The normal rental cost in Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles is right now $2,911, in view of NeighborhoodScout’s selective examination. The normal rental expense in this area is higher than 96.5% of the neighborhoods in Florida.

Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles is a metropolitan area (in light of population density) situated in Miami, Florida.

Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles realty is principally comprised of medium sized (three or four room) to enormous (four, five or more room) single-family homes and apartment buildings/tall structure condos. The majority of the private realty is owner occupied. A significant number of the homes in the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles area are set up yet not old, having been built somewhere in between 1970 and 1999. Various homes were likewise worked somewhere in between 1940 and 1969.

Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles has a 16.0% vacancy rate, which is well better than expected as compared with other U.S. neighborhoods (higher than 77.4% of American areas). A generally enormous level of lodging here is occasionally occupied (8.4%), which can happen in certain business sectors overwhelmed by colleges or vacation homes. On the off chance that you live here all year, you will discover a considerable lot of the homes or lofts are unfilled for all or a bit of the year.

Notable & Unique Neighborhood Characteristics

Numerous things matter about an area, yet the main thing the vast majority notice is the manner in which a neighborhood looks and its specific character. For instance, one may see whether the structures all date from a specific time span or whether shop signs are in multiple dialects. This specific neighborhood in Miami, the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles area, makes them remarkable things about the manner in which it looks and its lifestyle that are worth highlighting.

Notable & Unique: People

Astoundingly, NeighborhoodScout’s research reveals that this single neighborhood has a higher concentration of married couples living here than 97.2% of all U.S. neighborhoods. Whether they have school-aged children or not, married couples are the rule in the Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles neighborhood. If you are a married couple, you may find many people here with a similar lifestyle, and perhaps common interests. But if you are single, you might not find many other singles here.

In addition, according to NeighborhoodScout’s exclusive analysis, Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles is among the best neighborhoods for families in Florida. In fact, this neighborhood is more family-friendly than 97.0% of neighborhoods in the entire state of Florida. Its combination of top public schools, low crime rates, and owner-occupied single family homes gives this area the look and feel of a “Leave It to Beaver” episode. Many other families also stay here, making it easy to socialize and develop a strong sense of community. In addition, the high number of college-educated parents influences the academic success of the neighborhood schools. Overall, you will find all of the amenities a family needs to thrive in the Highland Lakes / Sun Swept Isles neighborhood. In addition to being an excellent choice for families with school-aged children, this neighborhood is also a very good choice for highly educated executives and urban sophisticates.

Notable & Unique: Diversity

Did you realize that the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles area has all the more South American and Russian ancestry individuals living in it than almost any neighborhood in America? It’s actual! Indeed, 21.3% of this current neighborhood’s occupants have South American family line and 6.5% have Russian parentage.

Highland Lakes  Sun Swept Isles neighborhood of Miami, FL The Neighbors The Neighbors: Income

There are two corresponding measures for understanding the pay of a neighborhood’s inhabitants: the average and the extremes. While an area might be somewhat affluent overall, comprehend the pace of individuals – especially youngsters – who are living at or beneath the government poverty line, which is very low pay. A few neighborhoods with a low average income may really have a lower youth poverty rate than another with a higher normal income, and this assists us with understanding the conditions and character of an area.

The neighbors in the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles neighborhood in Miami are rich, making it among the 15% most elevated pay neighborhoods in America. NeighborhoodScout’s elite investigation uncovers that this area has a higher pay than 88.0% of the neighborhoods in America. Also, 3.3% of the kids seventeen and under living in this area are living beneath the government poverty line, which is a lower pace of youth poverty than is found in 77.8% of America’s areas.

The Neighbors: Occupations

The well-known axiom “you are what you eat” is valid. Yet, it is additionally a fact that you are how you help a living. The kinds of occupations your neighbors have shape their character, and all together, their collective occupations shape the way of life of a spot.

In the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles area, 49.3% of the functioning population is utilized in executive, management, and professional occupations. The second most significant word related gathering in this area is sales and administration occupations, from significant sales accounts, to working in drive-through restaurants, with 33.7% of the inhabitants employed. Different occupants here are employed in clerical, assistant, , and technical support occupations (13.2%), and 3.9% in manufacturing and worker occupations.

The Neighbors: Languages

The dialects expressed by individuals in this area are diverse. These are classified as the dialects individuals specially talk when they are at home with their families. The most well-known language spoken in the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles area is English, spoken by 43.6% of families. Other significant dialects spoken here include Spanish and Chinese.

The Neighbors: Ethnicity / Ancestry

Boston’s Beacon Hill nobility roads, Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish areas, Los Angeles’ Persian areas. Each has its own way of life got fundamentally from the families and culture of the occupants who call these areas home. In like manner, every neighborhood in America has its own way of life – some more novel than others – in view of way of life, occupations, the sorts of families – and critically – on the identities and lineages of individuals who live in the area. Understanding where individuals came from, who their grandparents or incredible grandparents were, can assist you with seeing how an area is today.

In the Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles neighborhood in Miami, FL, residents most regularly recognize their nationality or parentage as South American (21.3%). There are additionally various individuals of Polish heritage (6.7%), and occupants who report Russian roots (6.5%), and a portion of the inhabitants are likewise of Cuban parentage (6.2%), alongside some Arab lineage occupants (3.4%), among others. Furthermore, 35.2% of the inhabitants of this area were born in another country.

Getting to Work

How will you get to work– vehicle, bus, train or different methods – and the amount of your day it takes to do so is a huge personal satisfaction and monetary issue. Particularly with fuel costs rising and expected to keep doing as such, the length and methods for one’s drive can be a monetary weight. A few areas are truly found with the goal that numerous residents need to drive in their own vehicle, others are set up so many stroll to work, or can take a train, bus, or bicycle. The best number of suburbanites in Highland Lakes/Sun Swept Isles area spend somewhere in between 15 and 30 minutes driving single direction to work (33.7% of working inhabitants), which is more limited than the time spent driving to work for most Americans.

Here most inhabitants (86.7%) drive alone in a private vehicle to get to work. Furthermore, a lot additionally carpool with colleagues, companions, or neighbors to get to work (11.7%). In a neighborhood like this, as in the greater part of the country, numerous inhabitants find possessing a vehicle valuable for heading towards work.

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